Planning Your Future

Start planning your move based on expert advice.

The decision to migrate is a big one, arguably the biggest you’ll ever make in your life. The age of the internet means that much of the information you need is at your fingertips, but trawling through it to build a picture of what you need can take hours of your precious time and sometimes leave you even more confused than when you started!

Planning Future

Without clear answers to these questions, effective planning is difficult. This is where MyVisa Manager can help. As experienced migration specialists for Australia and New Zealand, we will:

  • determine your eligibility
  • break down your journey into simple, manageable steps
  • provide a clear strategy for the future
  • identify and mitigate any potential hurdles
  • provide clear, candid advice from start to finish
  • work with you to ensure that your application is as comprehensive and decision-ready as possible

We can assess your eligibility, saving you precious time.

It may come as a surprise, but determining your eligibility isn’t simply a case of just counting your immigration points. Eligibility for these points is based on a range of factors which some people fail to understand until such time as their visa is declined – an expensive and ultimately disappointing exercise!

To help you determine your eligibility, we offer two assessment options. Our basic assessment will give you an indication of your eligibility, based on a small amount of information provided by you. Our full eligibility report is prepared by a registered migration agent/licensed immigration adviser, and offers you a comprehensive overview of your options, together with all the information you need to plan your journey, including:

Your report will contain
Basic Eligibility Assessment (Free)
Full Eligibility Report (NZD$200)
Indication of your basic visa eligibility
Full breakdown of costs and disbursements
Visa options
Outline of visa categories which maybe available to you
Comprehensive outline of permanent and temporary visa options available to you
if not eligible, advice on what to do to increase your chances of mnigration
Breakdown of steps required to achieve your migration goals
30 minutes, obligation-free phone consultation (available to eligible clients only)
Your qualifications and occupation
Advice on obtaining a skill assessment (Australia) or assessment of your qualifications(New Zealand)
Determination of your ANZSCO occupation and any professional registration requirements
Jobs and employment
Jobs outlook for your nominated occupation, earning potential and what to expect from the Australian or new Zealand job market

At just NZD $200, we believe that our eligibility assessment is the most comprehensive and comptitively priced on the market. What’s more, shoud you decide to let MyVisa Manager handle your migration we’ll deduct the cost of your comprehensive assessment from our fees, making it completely free of charge!