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A basic assessment will only give you an indication of your eligibility. It is based on a small amount of information provided by you, and is in no way binding. A comprehensive assessment is based on you providing detailed information to us, which allows us to determine what visa category(s) you qualify for and provide you with a clear pathway to achieving your migration goal.

New Zealand and Australian law requires that migration agents/immigration advisers operating in either country be registered and licensed by the relevant authority. Registration and licensing standards are high and regular training and professional development is compulsory, ensuring that industry knowledge is current and in keeping with best practice. Migration agents/advisers know the law, the complexities and criteria applicable to presenting an immigration application and know how to best compile, prepare and present your case to immigration authorities.

In migration applications, you potentially have one chance at success. Failure can prevent you from making future applications for a number of years, or even permanently. As specialists, it is our job to ensure that you apply for the right visa, and that your application is prepared professionally and accurately to guarantee the best possible opportunity for a visa grant.

These are country-specific terms for immigration advisers. The regulatory body for immigration advice in Australia is the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), and the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) in New Zealand. Anybody giving advice in either country must be licensed and registered with the relevant organisation, or face hefty penalties. A registered migration agent deals with applicants wanting to migrate to Australia, while a licensed immigration adviser deals with applicants wanting to migrate to New Zealand.

Although New Zealand and Australia welcome highly qualified migrants with relevant skills and work experience, there is a limit to the number of visas granted each year. Each year, more applicants apply than there are spaces available, and for this reason, many applications are refused. Australia in particular does not allow any right of appeal against a visa refusal unless the application was made in Australia or if an Australian citizen, permanent resident or organisation in Australia is sponsoring the applicant, meaning that only the most well-prepared applications can be granted for migration to Australia. MyVisa Manager has experience and a detailed knowledge of both Australian and New Zealand immigration policy and will prepare a professional, decision-ready application, protecting you from costly mistakes and maximising your chances of success.

We will provide you with a full review of your eligibility and determine the best visa category for you. Your migration strategy will be clearly outlined, and a contract of services provided for your protection. We will also:

  • provide you with a comprehensive list of documentation you will need to gather
  • provide advice on translation and certification of key documents
  • compile your application
  • complete all forms thoroughly and comprehensively on your behalf
  • provide accurate, timely advice on all issues pertaining to your application
  • liaise with immigration and assessment bodies
  • assist with occupation registration if required (at no extra cost)
  • lodge your application
  • provide regular progress updates
  • job search assistance if necessary

No. A registered migration agent (Australia) or licensed immigration adviser (NZ) completes each and every assessment. Although we could automate the process, we know that the circumstances and skills of each of our clients are different and we believe that individual assessments deliver a far more accurate and personalised result.

Our comprehensive eligibility reports are designed to assess your eligibility for a range of visas. Where we determine you are not eligible, you will still receive the comprehensive report you have paid for. This will not only provide information as to why you are not eligible, but will also provide a clear outline of what you can do to increase your chances of eligibility for the future. Value for money, whichever way you look at it! 

Absolutely. However, if you do not feel confident in lodging an application, are unsure of what is required or if you have concerns or complexities in your case you may wish to get help. In the event you do seek assistance you should use a registered migration agent or licensed immigration adviser.

We will assess your skills, qualification and work experience very carefully before recommending you make an application. It is our policy to only represent those clients who have a good chance of success in their application for migration, and we will be honest if we believe that your chances of success are not good.

A skill assessment is the foundation of your application to migrate to Australia. It is a requirement of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship in order to be able to lodge a valid application for skilled migrant visas. A skill assessment ensures that applicants seeking to migrate to Australia have the necessary skills, qualifications and experience to perform in their nominated occupation, and can successfully compete for employment in their chosen field.

Many occupations in New Zealand and Australia require workers to obtain occupational registration, including (but not limited to) teachers, nurses, architects, electricians, occupational therapists and solicitors. Australia in particular has different registration requirements for each individual state. We can advise you on whether you require registration and help you to obtain this quickly and efficiently.

Applicants who hold a valid passport and are citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America or the Republic of Ireland are deemed to meet competent English language requirements. However, in order to claim points for proficient or superior English language all applicants, including citizens of United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America or the Republic of Ireland, will need to complete an English language test. In addition, there may be occupational-based English language requirements for the purposes of state sponsorship.

Your eligibility will be examined carefully before we accept your case, and only those we believe have a reasonable chance of success will be accepted.

This is dependent on the visa category under which you apply, as well as the location of the branch your application is lodged at.

Yes, your family can be included and can be your husband/wife, partner or dependent children. As the main applicant, only you need to satisfy the main visa criteria, and all other family members must meet the required health and character requirements.

An older child may still be considered as dependent if you can prove them to be wholly or substantially reliant on your financial support and provision of food & shelter. Age requirements for dependent children vary between New Zealand and Australia, and can also vary according to the type of visa applied for.

MyVisa Manager is a specialist migration company, and not a recruitment agency. Finding a job is your responsibility, however we can provide support and assistance in this area, including:

  • Registration with specialist employment partners such as AustJobs and New Zealand recruitment agencies
  • Assistance with tailoring your CV and covering letter for the local market
  • Liaison with your local employer on contractual matters should you secure a job offer

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